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Wild Flower Seed Collections

Department of Transportation

Wild Flower Seed Collections

Individuals or organizations occasionally request to pick wild flower seeds within Limited Access Right-of-Way.

Applicants must submit an individual permit application through the Construction Permit System (CPS) and shall include proof of liability insurance from the permit applicant.

Workers collecting wildflower seeds are required to conform to certain safety precautions outlined in their permit including:

  • All workers shall wear an orange vest while working in the Right-of-Way.
  • All vehicles shall be parked 10 feet off the right hand shoulder, so as to not obstruct traffic.
  • The location of the wild flower pickup shall be as determined by the TSC office and as described on the permit.
  • No parking shall be allowed along curbs, bridge decks, near or under overpasses, or in median areas.
  • All occupants of vehicles shall exit vehicles on the passenger’s side of the vehicle and away from traffic.
  • High traffic areas shall require vehicles to have rotating amber light, as directed by the TSC office.