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Real Estate Guidance & Information

Grand Rapids bridge.
Department of Transportation

Real Estate Guidance & Information

A project receiving federal funding on any part (including but not limited to construction) of the project must follow the Uniform Act and applicable federal and state laws, regulations, and policies for the real estate activities. MDOT Real Estate assists, monitors, reviews, manages and approves the acquisition of all local public agency right of way throughout the state to ensure compliance with state and federal laws and regulations. 

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For acquisition appraisals, the Local Agency must use a prequalified consultant from MDOT’s list (49 CFR 24.103(d)(1)). The Agency does not need to use a pre-qualified appraiser if the appraisal is for the disposal of property. For acquisition and relocation, the Agency does not need to use a prequalified consultant; however, we highly recommend the person performing these duties has an understanding of the Uniform Act, federal and state laws, and the MDOT Real Estate Procedure Manual.

Prequalified Acquisition and Relocation Consultant List

Prequalified Appraisal Consultant List