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Public Transportation Funding

Rail, Intercity Bus, Public Transit, and Marine Revenue Assumptions

The total federal and state Public Transportation Program funding, which includes local bus, intercity bus, marine passenger, vanpooling, port, freight rail, and passenger rail, is $3.7 billion for FY 2024-2028. Federal estimates for bus and marine include annual increases in Federal Transit Administration (FTA) formula funds and discretionary funds. For rail and port, the BIL provides competitive funding opportunities for passenger, crossing, freight, and port projects, but no ongoing federal revenue other than for grade crossing safety programs. The Comprehensive Transportation Fund (CTF) is the primary source of state funding for capital and operating expenses in the Public Transportation Program, and the FY 2024 budget includes a CTF increase of 19.6 percent over FY 2023 levels. Of the increase, 53.5 percent is for bus and marine with 46.5 percent for rail and port, including funding for one-time projects.