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Revenues, Investment Strategies & Economic Impacts

Funding Assumptions

This section provides information on MDOT’s funding estimates and projections for the multimodal Highway Program as well as the Public Transportation and Aeronautics programs.

Investment Strategies

The 5YTP presents MDOT’s planned investments in all modes across the trunkline system over the five-year period spanning from 2024 to 2028 of approximately $15.6 billion. A total of $11.9 billion will be invested in the Highway Program with a continued focus on preservation, repair, and maintaining operations. Over these five years, an estimated $989 million will be invested in the Aeronautics Program and $3.7 billion in the Public Transportation Program, including bus, rail, marine, and public transit programs.

Economic Impacts of the 5YTP

The Economic Benefit Analysis (EBA) of the Highway and Public Transportation Programs includes the benefits contributed by the capital and operation investment and benefits of travel efficiencies derived by project implementations. The travel efficiencies were assessed using the Statewide Travel Demand model to evaluate changes in vehicle miles traveled (VMT) and vehicle hours traveled (VHT) based on build and no-build scenarios of projects in this five-year program.