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Public Transportation Programs


MDOT’s FY 2023-2027 Public Transportation (rail, bus, public transit, marine) and Aviation programs are administered by three separate offices: the Office of Passenger Transportation (OPT) manages bus and marine programs, the Office of Rail manages rail and port programs, and the Office of Aeronautics administers the aviation program. These offices provide capital and operating assistance, technical support, and safety oversight for the department’s Public Transportation and Aviation programs.

MDOT’s approach to the Public Transportation and Aviation programs differs from the Highway Program in that much of the infrastructure is owned, managed, and operated by entities other than MDOT, and the funding that MDOT is responsible for represents only a small portion of the overall investments in these modes.

 Investment table showing the public transportation and aeronautics investments.


*Includes only state and federal expenditure authority.
**Includes comprehensive program of needed investments for primary airports & general aviation airports, as identified in the Airport Improvement Program.