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Road & Bridge Project Highlights


The following sections highlight select Region Highway, Major Highway, and Operations projects that are contributing to MDOT’s focus on equity and inclusion, transportation resiliency, and Complete Streets and multimodal accommodations. More info on these projects can be found through the links provided below.

Regional Highway Program & Statewide Operations Projects

Bay Region

I-475 Rebuilding
Work Activity: 2024-2027
Location: City of Flint
Type of Work: PEL Study

  • Investigating opportunities and impacts of proposed design changes
  • Working with stakeholders to ensure alternatives for the corridor reflect the needs and goals of the greater Flint community

Road Improvements and Rebuilding

  • Rebuild 8 miles between Bristol and Carpenter roads, including extensive bridge repairs at the I-475/I-69 interchange
  • Potential lane size reduction
  • Better multimodal connectivity with nonmotorized paths, sidewalks, and greenspace.
I-475 Project Information

Grand Region

US-31 from Allegan/Kent County Line to 76th Street
Work Activity: 2024-2025
Location: Byron Township
Type of Work: Road Improvements and Rebuilding

  • Improve operations and safety in this growing area with weave-merge lanes between 84th Street and 76th Street interchanges
  • Construction of a concrete median barrier, saving on maintenance needs and costs
  • Culvert replacement and improvements to minimize stream disruption
  • Stormwater management improvements promoting longer pavement life and more reliable driving surfaces
US-131 Project Information

Metro Region

I-375 Rebuilding
Expected Work Activity: 2027-2029
Location: City of Detroit
Type of Work: Road Improvements and Rebuilding

  • Rebuilding and realigning I-375 from I-75 to Atwater Street as a new at-grade boulevard
  • Robust engagement including residents and business owners of the former Black Bottom and Paradise Valley neighborhoods originally in the footprint where I-375 was built
  • Development of a Community Enhancements plan, land use framework plan, an aesthetic guide, and use of excess property to help the community
  • A reduction in travel speeds from 55 mph to 35 mph along the boulevard, calming traffic and reducing the severity of potential crashes
I-375 Project & Study Information

North Region

I-75 Business Loop (BL)
Work Activity: 2024
Location: City of Gaylord
Type of Work: Road Improvements and Rebuilding

  • Road diet from McCoy Road to Grandview Boulevard, reducing the lanes from five to three
  • Separated nonmotorized paths and sidewalks south of McCoy Road
  • Two-lane roundabout at McCoy Road to reduce delays and improve safety
  • Nonmotorized path on both sides of I-75 BL that connects to the Iron Belle Trail
I-75 BL Project Information

Southwest Region

I-94 at M-40 from County Road 665 to Michigan Avenue
Work Activity: 2025
Location: Village of Paw Paw, Van Buren County
Type of Work: Road Improvements and Rebuilding

  • Rebuild the I-94/M-40 interchange, and the M-40 bridge over I-94, updating the design to feature dual roundabouts to replace the current ramp intersections
  • Input from local advisory committee meetings and other strategies to develop the design
  • A new separated, nonmotorized path to connect downtown with affordable housing communities south of the interchange
I-94/M-40 Project Information
Existing southbound I-75 structure.

Superior Region

I-75 Bridges over Cheeseman Road
Work Activity: 2025
Location: Moran Township
Type of Work: Bridge Improvements

  • Replace aging I-75 infrastructure
  • Rebuild two new 75-foot single-span bridges, reducing need for reinforcement and supports that are prone to oxidation and corrosion
  • Widening shoulder widths to modern standards
  • Realignment of off-road vehicle trail

University Region

I-94 Business Loop (BL)
Work Activity: 2022, 2023, 2027
Location: City of Jackson, Blackman, and Leoni Townships
Type of Work: Road Improvements and Rebuilding

Rebuild the concrete and asphalt overlayed pavement from Dwight to Bender streets

  • Focused outreach to Environmental Justice (EJ) areas to identify multimodal features and improvements that are feasible and beneficial to impacted communities
  • Accessible sidewalks, curb ramps signals, and aesthetic and safety improvements
  • Modernized storm water system
I-94 BL Project Information

Operations Project

US-23 Flex Route Extension
Work Activity: 2023
Location: City of Brighton
Type of Work: Road Improvements and Rebuilding

  • Flex Route extension to I-96
  • State-of-the-art traffic control measures to ensure the entire corridor from M-14 to I-96 meets current and future traffic and operational needs
  • Roundabouts at M-36 and Silver Lake Road interchanges
  • Bridge replacement and widening
  • Nonmotorized accommodations to improve safety and regional trail connections


Flex Route Information

Major Highway Projects

I-94 Modernization

Work Activity: 2012-2033
Location: City of Detroit
Type of Work: Interstate Modernization

  • Rebuilding 7 miles of I-94 from east of the I-96/I-94 interchange to east of Conner Avenue
  • More than 67 bridges and two major interchanges at M-10 (Lodge Freeway) and I-75 (Chrysler Freeway)
  • Widening shoulders and adding one lane in each direction to relieve congestion
  • A new drainage system
  • Improvements to increase safety and provide greater motorized and active transportation choices
I-94 Project Information

Gordie Howe International Bridge

Work Activity: 2018-2024
Location: City of Detroit
Type of Work: New Roads

  • New bridge structure, including a dedicated multi-use path for pedestrians and cyclists
  • New inspection plazas and energy efficiency upgrades
  • New pedestrian crossing bridges
  • New rail connections
  • Direct connections to highways in each country (I-75 and Highway 401)
  • Project benefits plan providing positive outcomes for the Detroit-Windsor region
GHIB Project Information

Blue Water Bridge Plaza

Work Activity: 2023-2025
Location: City of Port Huron
Type of Work: Capacity Improvement

  • An additional primary inspection area, secondary commercial inspection area, and expanding from 13 to 16 booths
  • Flipping primary inspection lanes to eliminate weaving
  • Relocation of off-plaza duty-free facility
  • A new secondary passenger vehicle inspection canopy
  • Providing three outbound lanes and median turnarounds west of the plaza
Blue Water Bridge Information