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Blue Water Bridge Plaza Expansion

The Blue Water Bridge (BWB) Plaza Expansion Project is the completion of a larger corridor and expansion project that received a Record of Decision in 2009. Funding shortfalls for the plaza facilities put the plaza work on hold, while other phases, including freeway rebuilding, replacement of the Black River bridge, and a new welcome center were completed. MDOT received a $25 million Infrastructure for Rebuilding America (INFRA) grant in 2020 to proceed with a plaza expansion alternative, reduced in size, that will minimize impacts on Pine Grove Avenue and still address the original project’s purpose and need.

The project will provide safe, efficient, and secure movement of people and goods across the Canadian‐U.S. border in the Port Huron area to support the economies of Michigan, Ontario, Canada, and the United States. It will also support the mobility and security needs associated with national and civil defense.

Plaza Improvements Presentation - Jan. 2023


Carrie A. Warren, PE
Senior Project Manager
BWB Plaza Expansion

Media Inquiries 
Jocelyn Garza
Media Specialist