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I-75/Front Street & Elm Avenue Study

Aerial view of the I-75 at Elm St. project area.
Department of Transportation

I-75/Front Street & Elm Avenue Study

MDOT is using the Planning and Environmental Linkages (PEL) process to determine future improvements for the I-75 bridge over the River Raisin, as well as the exits to Front Street and Elm Avenue, in the city of Monroe. The I-75/Front Street and Elm Avenue PEL Study is an opportunity to apprise what the interchange could look like in the future. Transportation challenges will be identified and potential options will be considered, with details on benefits and drawbacks for each.

A local advisory council meets with MDOT staff to provide input and share study progress. 

A blend of in-person and virtual public meetings will take place in 2023.


I-75 Corridor Conservation Action Plan

Presentation June 2022

I-75 PEL Study Presentation Video


Mike Davis, Jr.
Region Planner & Study Manager

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What is a PEL study?  Video

What is a PEL study? 

PEL studies are typically used to identify transportation issues, while considering environmental concerns, in a corridor or a specific location. PEL studies can be used to make planning decisions. These decisions, for example, can be used to identify and prioritize future projects, develop the purpose and need for a project, determine project size or length, and/or develop and refine a range of alternatives. PEL studies should be able to link planning to environmental issues and result in useful information that can be carried forward into the National Environmental Policy Act process.