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M-3 PEL Study - Detroit

A birds-eye view of M-3 in Detroit.
Department of Transportation

M-3 PEL Study - Detroit

The Planning and Environmental Linkages (PEL) study for M-3 (Gratiot Avenue) from Randolph Street to M-102 (8 Mile Road) in Detroit will identify and evaluate safety, multimodal mobility, transit needs, and proposed improvements. The PEL study will help to refine the recommendations of existing plans and studies to create one unified vision for the corridor.

The Gratiot Avenue PEL study will also evaluate:

  • Safety issues for nonmotorized users
  • Abundance of travel lanes
  • Lack of nonmotorized facilities
  • High transit use
  • Sidewalk lighting and maintenance
  • A proposed road diet with dedicated center transit lanes and medians

The PEL study will consider environmental, community, and economic goals early in the transportation planning process. The information analysis and services or recommendations developed during the PEL study will inform the environmental review process.


Project Manager
Matthew Galbraith | 248-483-5100

Public Outreach
Monica Monsma | 517-335-4381

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