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M-14/Barton Drive Interchange PEL Study

The M-14/Barton Drive Interchange PEL Study is an opportunity to apprise what the M-14/Barton Drive Interchange could look like in the future. Transportation challenges will be identified, and potential options being considered with details on benefits/drawbacks for each.

The PEL study will:

  • Consider environmental, community, and economic goals early in the transportation planning process.
  • Use the information analysis and services or recommendations developed during planning to inform the environmental review process.
  • Evaluate the condition, geometric/safety, and operational needs of the Barton Drive ramps.

While the main project is to improve the layout of the M-14/Barton Drive ramps, the study area will extend along M-14 from just west of the Main Street ramps to just east of the Pontiac Trail bridge and include a crash history assessment in the analysis of the area.


Project Manager
Michael Davis | 517-750-0401 
University Region

Aaron Jenkins | 517-243-9075

Public Outreach
Monica Monsma | 517-335-4381

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M-14/Barton Title VI Survey