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Environmental Requirements

Environmental impacts must be considered prior to land acquisitions and purpose and need must be established before federal money can be used to acquire property. See FAA Environmental Program and MDOT AERO Environmental page for more information. Phase 1 ESA (environmental site assessments) are required for all fee acquisitions and should be included in the proposed project scope and fees. Property should be checked for enrollment in Farmland Preservation Program (formerly P.A. 116).

Environmental Audit of Suspected Contaminated Property
Prior to the appraisal of any land that is to be acquired, including donated land, the sponsor should secure an environmental audit of suspected contaminated property and provide the results to the appraiser for inclusion in the appraisal report. Appraisers should be aware of and report to the sponsor, before completion of the appraisal, actual property conditions that exist at a site that may warrant further environmental investigation. The appraiser may not assume the property is free of contamination when conducting an appraisal.