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Licensing & Registration

A small green and white plane waits on the runway.
Department of Transportation

Licensing & Registration

NOTICE: Aircraft registration decals (stickers) have been discontinued and will no longer be distributed.

The State of Michigan has laws which govern the registration of aircraft and the licensing of airports and other services throughout the state. This site provides resources for airport licensing and management, aircraft registration and other state mandated processes.

The Section also maintains responsibility for licensing and/or registering airports, flight schools, aircraft, and aircraft dealers.

Each of Michigan's public-use airports and heliports are inspected by MDOT Aeronautics staff. There are currently 66 flight schools, 144 aircraft dealers, and approximately 6,500 aircraft registered in the state.

Aircraft Registration

Two steps to registering your aircraft with the federal government and State of Michigan:

  1. Register with Federal Aviation Administration
    Complete FAA aircraft registration Form 8050-1 and FAA Bill of Sale Form 8050-2 and return it to the FAA along with the $5 registration fee. A FAA certificate issue date must be issued before MDOT can process your registration. The FAA status can be checked using the Aircraft Inquiry Registry.
  2.  Register with MDOT Office of Aeronautics
    Complete Michigan Aircraft Registration Form M-4004 and return it to MDOT. First time registration fees must be mailed. Renewal fees must be paid online. Your renewal fee receipt will serve as a compliance document until the registration certificate is issued.

Please allow up to six weeks for registration processing.

If you have a credit on your account that you would like to apply or need further assistance, e-mail us at

If there has been a transfer of ownership, follow the instructions on the Transfer of Ownership Form (1575).

Registration Exemption

If FAA records list the aircraft as airworthy, it must be registered with the State of Michigan. If you qualify for an exemption, complete Certificate of Claim of Exemption from Aircraft Registration (Form 4006) and return it to MDOT.

Aircraft Use Tax (Paid Directly to Department of Treasury)

Visit the Aircraft Use Tax webpage or call 517-636-4120 to determine your use tax.