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Wireless Charging Roadway

MDOT and its partner, Electreon, are piloting the first public in-road charging system in the United States to be built along a 1-mile-long section of road in Detroit. Our partner, Electreon, will provide the development, design, evaluation, and testing.

Electrified roadways have the potential to accelerate adoption of electric vehicles by consumers and fleet operations alike by enabling continuous vehicle operations and turning public streets into safe and sustainable shared energy platforms.   

The wireless charging roadway is set to be operational in summer 2023.

An image showing a truck traveling over a wireless charging road.
An image showing a truck traveling over a wireless charging road.

Powering the Wireless Charging Roadway

"As we aim to lead the future of mobility and electrification by boosting electric vehicle production and lowering consumer costs, a wireless in-road charging system is the next piece to the puzzle for sustainability." ~ Gov. Whitmer

How Wireless Charging Works

An image showing the wireless charging connecting.


The system connects energy provided by the unit to the in-road wireless charging coil segments when an authorized vehicle is directly above the segment.

An image showing the wireless charging monitoring.


MDOT and our traffic service centers will monitor and gather insights in real-time with cloud-based software.

An image showing the wireless charging system receiving.


A vehicle kit receives the wireless energy from the wireless charging coils to transfer to the car battery.

Benefits of Wireless Charging

A drawing of a wireless charging roadway in a large city.

Electric vehicles using the roadway will be able to...

  • Charge while driving.
  • Charge while in motion.
  • Charge while parked.

The technology provided by our partner, Electreon, allows a variety of wireless charging for electric vehicles.

How electric roads could help solve EV range anxiety

Electric vehicles are on the rise, capturing a growing market share. Lack of charging infrastructure is a common hurdle but electric road projects, like Detroit’s upcoming initiative led by Electreon, offer wireless charging while driving, promising versatile solutions for various vehicles. Watch the CNBC video story

Electrifying the Future of Transportation

Working with NextEnergy and Jacobs Engineering Group, the project is being hosted by and lives within Michigan Central, a mobility innovation district, and supported by partners like the City of Detroit, Ford Motor Co., and DTE Energy. Michigan's in-road charging will lead to best practices for a wireless electric road system.