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Southeast Michigan Transportation Operations Center

The Southeast Michigan Transportation Operations Center (SEMTOC) is the hub of ITS technology applications at the Michigan Department of Transportation. It is a world-class traffic management center where staff oversees a traffic monitoring system composed of 400 freeway miles instrumented with:

  • 337 closed circuit TV cameras,
  • 101 dynamic message signs,
  • 35 trailblazer/arrow message signs,
  • 2 travel time signs,
  • 6 curve warning signs,
  • 343 microwave vehicle detection sensors,
  • 15 RWIS, and
  • 3 truck parking.

SEMTOC uses an integrated software system that includes device control, incident management functions and a complex hybrid communications system comprised of:

  • Communications hubs/node towers,
  • Extensive fiber network and backbone for communication, and
  • Licensed and unlicensed radio links.

SEMTOC facilitates area-wide management of traffic through shared connections with:

  • Road Commission for Oakland County Traffic Operations Center, and
  • Local media partners.


Robert Marz, P.E.
SEMTOC Manager


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