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Local Road Safety Plans

A family crossing a busy road at a designated pedestrian crosswalk area.
Department of Transportation

Local Road Safety Plans

A Local Road Safety Plan (LRSP) is a formal document that defines key emphasis areas and strategies that impact local roads and provides a framework to accomplish safety enhancements at the local level. They can be used to identify key safety needs and guide investment decisions to achieve reductions in fatalities and serious injuries on local public roadways. An LRSP provides an excellent opportunity for safety stakeholders and involved agencies at all levels of government (local, state and federal) to work together to align and leverage resources to address safety challenges and assist in moving Michigan Toward Zero Deaths.

Benefits include:

  • Promoting road safety awareness.
  • Developing lasting partnerships that may benefit future projects.
  • Instilling or enhancing a sense of collaboration among different disciplines.
  • Assisting local agencies to better leverage funding.

LRSPs will be developed in Michigan through State of Michigan Planning and Development Regions (SPDRs), also referred to as Rural Planning Organizations (RPOs), and also have county-specific issues addressed.