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Local Safety Initiative

A newly paved road with rumble strips and guardrail for safety.
Department of Transportation

Local Safety Initiative

The Local Safety Initiative (LSI) program is a free, voluntary program for that helps local agencies identify safety issues and improve the safety of local roads. Through LSI, MDOT can help review crash data, identify locations of concern and countermeasures, perform field visits, and conduct follow-up reviews.

To enroll your local agency, e-mail


Carissa McQuiston

LSI Process

Once a local agency is enrolled, MDOT will:

  • Perform a complete crash analysis of your local road system using RoadSoft software, as well as other data review tools.
  • Compile a list of intersections and roadway segments of concern based on this analysis.
  • Perform a field visit with a local agency representative.
  • Perform an engineering study or other types of analysis, as needed.
  • Identify and suggest potential improvements and countermeasures, many of which will be low-cost.
  • Identify safety improvement projects that may be eligible for funding through Local Agency Programs.
  • Perform follow-up reviews and before-and-after analysis.