Fast Facts

Fast Facts

  • Did you know that most work zone crashes are caused by inattentive motorists? It only takes a split second of distraction to dramatically change lives forever.

    Michigan's goal of Toward Zero Deaths on our roads includes our work zones. Sadly, the statistics tell us we are not at zero yet. However, you can be a part of the solution by giving work zones your undivided attention.

    TOGETHER we can achieve zero deaths on our roads and in our work zones!


2020 Work Zone Crash Statistics

  • Driving Down Distracted Driving PhotoIn Michigan, the Office of Highway Safety Planning reports the number of fatal crashes and injuries that occur in construction, maintenance and utility work zones. In 2020, those statistics included:

    • 4,035 work zone crashes.
    • 11 fatal work zone crashes. 
    • 14 work zone fatalities.
    • 1,050 work zone injuries.

    The highest number of work zone crashes occur when lanes are closed. The second and third-highest number of crashes occur when there is work on the shoulder/median and lane shifts/crossovers.

Work Zone Facts

Work Zone Facts

    • Most work zone crashes are caused by inattentive or distracted drivers.
    • Speeding, like driving too fast for conditions, is a leading cause of fatal work zone crashes.
    • More work zone crashes occurred in daytime compared to nighttime.
    • Fatal crashes occurred more often during the months of May through September.
    • Most often, drivers or their passengers are killed or injured in work zone crashes.

    Information obtained from the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration