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International Firefighters' Day

Governor Gretchen Whitmer has declared May 4, 2021 as International Firefighters' Day to recognize the hard work and sacrifices that firefighters across Michigan make to keep their communities safe. Michigan is home to over 1,000 fire departments and over 30,000 firefighters.

"On International Firefighters Day, we honor the fearless men and women who not only run towards burning buildings and risk their own lives to save others but are often the first response when we need medical attention in our homes," said Governor Gretchen Whitmer. "Through a pandemic, firefighters have continued serving on the frontlines, stepping up amidst extraordinary circumstances to keep selflessly serving their communities."

"We celebrate firefighters for their dedication, commitment, and selfless service and realize the vital role training plays in keeping our men and women firefighters safe both physically and mentally," said Orlene Hawks, Director of the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA). "To keep participants safe at the start of the pandemic, LARA moved firefighter training courses virtually and also approved funding to be used towards behavioral and mental health courses. With these efforts, we wish to continue honoring firefighters today and every day."

"Their commitment to protecting the public - especially during these troubling times - is to be commended," said State Fire Marshal Kevin Sehlmeyer. "Please take this time to thank a firefighter for the hard work and sacrifices they make."

One way to honor International Firefighters' Day is through home safety. Activities such as developing fire escape plans and checking your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms keep both families and firefighters safe. In an effort to protect Michigan residents and save lives, MI Prevention - a statewide community risk reduction effort led by LARA in collaboration with the State Fire Marshal's Office - has been working diligently with local fire departments and partnering organizations to promote community-risk reduction. For more information, please visit

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