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Bicyclist riding on the shoulder of a rural road.
Department of Transportation



MDOT is working to create better, safer roadways for all users by providing a variety of services and information supporting recreational cycling and bicycle commuting. 

Road and trail bicycling maps are available and bicyclists are urged to prepare their own assessment of traffic, roads, and trails, and plan routes appropriate to their riding skills.

Explore Michigan by bicycle! For additional information on bicycling in Michigan or possible routes contact the League of Michigan Bicyclists (LMB) or Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance (MTGA).

Order MDOT Bicycle Maps

Bicycle Maps & Routes

MDOT Bicycle Maps

MDOT's multi-county regional bicycle maps show riders the road type, traffic volumes, trails, points of interest, and more to make bicycling across Michigan more enjoyable.

U.S. Bicycle Routes

The Michigan U.S. Bicycle Route System is part of a national network of bicycling routes connecting urban and rural communities via signed roads and trails.