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Contracting for Airport Land Projects

All consultants interviewed or hired for federal or state assisted projects must be licensed in the State of Michigan in compliance with PA299 of 1980 (Occupational Code). 

Prior to selecting a consultant sponsors must verify that the consultant is properly licensed. Consultants must be able to provide evidence of their license and qualifications prior to contract execution. Copies of licenses or a list of company and individual licenses must be provided prior to contract execution. An entity hired by an airport for a regulated real estate service (including LLC, partnership, corporation broker) must be properly licensed in order to receive compensation for real estate services as defined in PA299 of 1980.

Failure to provide evidence of proper licensing will result in disqualification or contract termination as well as forfeiture of any fees associated with that contract. Contact MDOT or Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) for further information to ensure proper licensure for work being performed.

All costs and scope of services must obtain MDOT approval to be considered eligible for state or federal funds.

Agreement for Professional Consultant Services (Land Projects)

Real Estate Appraiser Requirements

  • Appraisers must possess the appropriate license and be able to prove their qualifications when completing appraisals for projects with state and federal funding.
  • Contact Aeronautics if there is a question as to appraiser licensing or qualifications.
  • Verify a license with LARA.
  • Appraisal reports must be completed in accordance with MDOT appraisal guidelines and FAA 5100-17 (Chapter 2 - Appraisal Requirements) unless otherwise approved by MDOT or FAA.