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Laws, Regulations & Compliance

Acquisition of Property by State Agencies and Public Corporations (MCL 213.23)

Airport Zoning Act (PA 23 of 1950)

Allowances for Moving Personal Property from Acquired Real Property (MCL 213.352)

Applying for Tall Structure Permit

Condemnation (MCL Chapter 213)

Eminent Domain: Compensation (Article 10, Section 2)

Federal Regulations - General Operating and Flight Rules(Title 14, Subchapter F, Part 91)

Federal Regulations - Object Affecting Navigable Airspace (Title 14, Subchapter E, Part 77)

Governmental Actions and Interference with Constitutionally Protected Property Rights (Executive Order 12630)

Michigan Aeronautics Code (Act 327 of 1945)

Michigan Appraisal License Requirements

Michigan Broker License Requirements

Michigan Condemnation Law Changes - 2006

Michigan Occupational Code (Act 299 of 1980)

Michigan Tall Structure Act

Michigan Tall Structure Act (Act 259 of 1959)

Michigan Zoning Enabling Act (PA 110 of 2006)

Overview of Condemnation Proceedings (Act 87 of 1980)

Township Zoning Act (REPEALED)

Payment by Escrowee of Money Deposited (MCL 213.58)

State Real Estate Transfer Tax Act (PA 330 of 1993)

Summary of Changes to Michigan Eminent Domain Law

Surrender of Possession of Property to Agency (MCL 213.59)

Uniform Condemnation Procedures Act (Act 87 of 1980)

Uniform Condemnation Procedures Act (MCL 213.55)

Uniform Relocation Assistance/Real Property Acquisition for Federal and Federally-Assisted Programs

Verify a Michigan Occupational License

Witness Fees and Compensation (MCL 213.66)