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Equestrian trail maps - printable

There are a number of state-designated equestrian trail maps available for download. The maps include information such as staging areas and surface types.

Allegan State Game Area - 60-mile network of trails connected to the popular Silver Creek Equestrian Park and Campground.
Allegan Game Area map | Allegan equestrian trails map

Bass River Recreation Area - 4 miles of trails are shared with mountain bikes and hikers.
Bass River Recreation Area page | Bass River equestrian trails map

Big Oaks Equestrian State Forest Campground - 15 miles of equestrian trails and state forest roads.
Big Oaks SF Campground page | Big Oaks equestrian trails map

Black Mountain Pathway - 30 miles of non-motorized trails open to equestrian use.
Black Lake Trail Camp | Black Mountain Pathway equestrian trails map

Brighton Recreation Area- 21 miles of trails, riding rentals, a stable, equestrian camping and a staging area.
Brighton Recreation Area page | Brighton equestrian trails map

Cedar River Pathway – 8 miles of trails shared with mountain bikes and hikers.
Cedar River Trail page | Cedar River Pathway

Fort Custer Recreation Area - 20 miles of trails are shared with hikers.
Fort Custer Recreation Area page | Fort Custer equestrian trails map

William Field Memorial Hart-Montague Trail State Park - 4 miles of trails between mile marker 16-20.
Hart-Montague Trail page | Hart Montague equestrian trails map

Headquarters Lake Equestrian State Forest Campground and Trail Camp - 25 miles of mixed multi-use trails and roads.
Headquarters Lake SF campground page | Headquarters Lake equestrian trails map

Highland Recreation Area - 13 miles of trails, riding rentals, a stable and equestrian camping.
Highland Recreation Area page | Highland equestrian trails map

Ionia Recreation Area - 15 miles of trails and equestrian camping.
Ionia Recreation Area page | Ionia equestrian trails map

Mike Levine Lakelands Trail State Park - 22 mile linear trail shared with other uses (equestrian riders use south side of the trail).
Lakelands Trail page | Lakeland equestrian trails map

Maybury State Park - 8 miles of bridle trails, riding rentals and a stable.
Maybury State Park page | Maybury equestrian trails map

Musketawa Trail - 26 miles of multi-use trails.
Musketawa Trail page | Musketawa equestrian trail map

Ortonville Recreation Area - 8.5 miles of trails and equestrian camping.
Ortonville Recreation Area page | Ortonville equestrian trails map

Pigeon River Country
Pigeon River Country page | Pigeon River Country equestrian trails map

Pinckney Recreation Area - 13 miles of trails, a staging area and a stable.
Pinckney Recreation Area page | Pinckney equestrian trails map

Polly Ann State Rail Trail - 36 miles of equestrian trail.
Polly Ann State Rail Trail page | Polly Ann State Rail Trail equestrian trails map

Pontiac Lake Recreation Area - 17 miles of trails, equestrian camping and riding rentals
Pontiac Lake Recreation Area page | Pontiac Lake equestrian trails map

Proud Lake Recreation Area - 10 miles of equestrian/mountain bike trail.
Proud lake Recreation Area page | Proud Lake equestrian trails map

Rockport Recreation Area - 9.2 miles of trails open to equestrians.
Rockport Recreation Area page | Rockport equestrian trails map

Shore-to-Shore Trail - 420 miles of trails open to equestrians.
Shore-to-Shore Trail page | Shore-to-Shore equestrian trails map

Sleepy Hollow State Park - 12.5 miles of trails.
Sleepy Hollow State Park page | Sleepy Hollow equestrian trails map

Stoney Creek State Forest Trail Camp
Stoney Creek SF Trail Camp page | Stoney Creek equestrian trails map

Thunder Valley Equestrian Trail
Thunder Valley Equestrian Trail page | Thunder Valley Trail equestrian trails map

Van Buren Trail State Park - 14 miles of trails.
Van Buren Trail page

Waterloo Recreation Area - 21 miles of trails, riding rentals and equestrian camping.
Waterloo Recreation Area page |Waterloo equestrian trails map

Yankee Springs Recreation Area - 10 miles of trails and equestrian camping.
Yankee Springs Recreation Area page| Yankee Springs equestrian trails map

Statewide trail map