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Jackson and Mechanic streets railroad bridge replacements project in Jackson - Update #3

LANSING, Mich. - The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) closed Jackson, Mechanic, Van Buren, and Detroit streets in Jackson on March 7 to allow crews to safely replace two century-old railroad bridges over Jackson and Mechanic streets. The project also includes replacing the railroad grade crossing at Blackstone Street at a later date.

Mechanic Street:
The north half of the west abutment footing has been poured and the abutment wall pour will follow. To date, installation of micropiles has been completed at the west abutment at Mechanic Street. All of the steel sheet pile for the northeast retaining wall has been driven to grade; the ground anchors (which will provide stability to the wall for many years to come) are in progress of being locked off.

Jackson Street:
All of the steel sheet pile for the northwest and southwest retaining walls has been driven to grade and the installation of ground anchors is still in progress. The contractor continues to install micropiles in the west footing. Additionally, the contractor has begun to weld on the structural walers and partially lock off ground anchors at the northwest retaining wall. To date, installation of micropiles has been completed at the east abutment and the concrete footing has been completely poured.

Looking forward:
Work will continue with micropiles at both bridge abutments, ground anchors at the remaining retaining walls, welding the structural walers on the retaining walls, and building the bridge abutments.

The project is experiencing some delays, due to utility conflicts with micropiles, and some bridge work will take place in 2023.  It is currently planned to have Jackson and Mechanic Streets open for winter.   

Traffic restrictions:
Local streets will be closed to traffic. Motorists should follow the posted detours. 

Safety benefit:
Replacing these bridges will ensure smooth and safe railroad operations, maintaining this vital part of the state's economy. Closing streets during this type of work is necessary to provide the safest work area possible for work crews and motorists. 

For more information about the project, visit the Jackson railroad bridges project webpage. You also can view timelapse and drone videos.