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Second Avenue bridge over I-94 in Detroit opens to nonmotorized and vehicular traffic

Fast facts:

  • Crews were able to open the new Second Avenue bridge over I-94 in Detroit today.      
  • The Second Avenue bridge is the first network tied arch structure in the state of Michigan.
  • Overall completion of the project is expected to occur in spring 2023.      

DETROIT, Mich. ­- The Michigan Department of Transportation announced that crews were able to open the new Second Avenue bridge over I-94 in Detroit today. The opening marks another milestone in the building of the state's first network tied arch structure. The new Second Avenue bridge replaces the original structure built in 1954.

Network refers to the cables that are crossed from the top of the arch to the bottom of the driving surface on both sides of the structure. Tied arch refers to the ends of the arches being tied so they cannot separate laterally under the weight of the driving surface and traffic. This innovative design eliminates the need for a center pier, which will accommodate the future I-94/M-10 interchange.

The Second Avenue bridge is 245 feet long and 96 feet wide. The width of the structure supports 9-foot sidewalks, 8-foot bike lanes, and one 11-foot vehicular lane on each side. These features improve nonmotorized safety and enhance the surrounding community.       

Sufficient structural work has allowed the bridge to open. Crews will return in the spring to complete plantings and other aesthetic features prior to completion. Additional information on the Second Avenue bridge can be found on the I-94 project website.

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