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Watch for moving work crews performing maintenance during National Work Zone Awareness Week

DETROIT, Mich. - Work zones are more than just construction project locations. Maintenance crews are frequently working on the road for shorter time periods and at multiple locations, performing sweeping, guard rail repair, signal repairs, etc. Sometimes work involves moving convoys of painting crews.

Beginning Monday, April 22, painting crews will have mobile convoys on I-75 and I-94 in Metro Detroit as they restripe faded pavement markings on freeways, including the outside lines and the skip lines separating lanes.

The convoys will have three large trucks moving 8-12 mph during this process. Be on the lookout for large orange trucks with flashing lights and "wet paint" signs. Do not cut between trucks as these convoys are spraying paint. The material dries relatively quickly but there have been cases where impatient drivers end up with paint on their vehicles, so be aware.

Please always pay attention and drive at a slower speed when entering a work zone. In Michigan in 2023, preliminary work zone crash statistics show there were:

  • 7,237 work zone crashes
  • 17 fatal work zone crashes
  • 20 work zone fatalities
    • Two were road workers
  • 1,896 work zone injuries
    • 108 involved serious injuries

Also, the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) asks everyone to wear orange on Wednesday, April 17, in support of our workers and those who risk their lives to repair our roads.

Go orange on Wednesday, April 17! To create awareness and show your support for each work zone crew, wear orange that day. We can all make it home safely if we play our part and work together, so "Go Orange" at home or in the field and share a photo on social media of you or your friends and family wearing orange using hashtags #Orange4Safety, #GoOrangeDay and #NWZAW.

For more facts, stats and information about Michigan work zone safety, visit

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