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This is an EGLE operated web page is intended to provide current and historical information on the investigation and remediation of groundwater contamination in Scio Township and the west part of the city of Ann Arbor in Washtenaw County.

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    NEW: The above link opens an Excel spreadsheet updated with documents provided as of January 13, 2017. The "System" names have been updated to reflect changes/additions related to the Third Amendment to Consent Judgment (effective March 8, 2011). The former "Western System" has been renamed "Little Lake Area System". Two new systems will replace the previous system nomenclature: "Western Area System" (west of Wagner Road) and "Eastern Area System" (east of Wagner Road). No documents will be added under the following system names: Core, Evergreen (EG), Marshy, Soils, Spray Irrigation Field (Spray) or Unit E. For documents posted after March 30, 2011, see: "List of Recent Documents Provided to Information Repositories" under "What's New").

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