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5 Small Changes

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5 Small Changes

Simple Steps Lead to Big Rewards

Small changes in your behavior can make a big difference in your weight and your health. Simple changes have been shown to make big differences when looking at weight loss.For example, changing from regular soda to diet soda or water can reduce caloric intake by 300-400 calories if you drink three to four sodas a day. If you made only that one change, you could lose up to 25 pounds in one year.
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New Attitude

Losing weight and keeping it off starts with a winning attitude! Having a healthy, positive outlook makes all the difference.

Enjoy Eating

Watching your weight does not mean that you suddenly have to eat food you don't like. In fact, using a little common sense, moderation and physical activity, you can probably eat most of the foods you like.

Move More

Physical activity, like proper nutrition, is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Being physically active helps not only to burn calories, but also improves your mood and helps you feel more energetic.

Make Time

Feel like you are too short on time to eat healthy? To make physical activity part of your daily life? Take heart. We've got some suggestions for making changes to your daily routine to ensure healthier eating and squeeze in activity.

Don't Deprive

Long-term weight loss will be successful only if you feel that you can maintain your lifestyle changes. Here are some easy ways to help feel satisfied: