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Adult Community Placement

If you or your loved ones can no longer live independently and need licensed adult care, you may be eligible for assistance. Contact your local Department of Human Services office for more information.

For more information on licensed adult foster care or homes for the aged programs, go to the AFC/HFA page.

If eligible, Adult Services staff can provide quality care and monitor the well-being of adults who require supervision in an adult care setting. They will make sure you have:

  • Access to licensed care.
  • Support choosing an Adult Foster Care Home.
  • Decent, safe, and sanitary living conditions.
  • Nutritious meals for residents.
  • Access to meaningful activities.
  • Treatment with dignity and respect.
  • Pre-placement assessments followed by movement to a facility of your choice.

Choosing a Home

There are many types of adult care homes. Before making a decision, you should visit the home, talk with the residents, consider the neighborhood or location and question the provider. It is important for you to clearly understand the services and cost of the care.


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