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Safe Sleep for Professionals

You can help protect the lives of Michigan infants by educating your clients on Safe Sleep Steps. There are a variety of resources to help you understand how you can support families.

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Keep Babies Sleeping Safely

Find a variety of resources on how you can promote safe sleep. 

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Online Trainings and Webinars 

View available online trainings and webinars related to safe sleep. 

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Infant Safe Sleep Communications Toolkit

Toolkit to help you increase awareness of infant safe sleep. Access images, videos, social media messages, and more.

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Child Care Provider Requirements and Resources

Find resources specifically for child care providers. 

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Hospital Requirements and Resources

Learn about requirements for hospitals and find resources to support safe sleep.

Contact the Infant Safe Sleep Program

Contact our team with questions or requests for assistance.

Common Questions

View the answers to common questions related in infant safe sleep.

Family Resources

View resources that can be provided to families.

Order Materials

Order free safe sleep materials for families.