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Michigan Department of Health and Human Services
Bureau of EMS, Trauma and Preparedness

EMS and Trauma Division
PO Box 30207
Lansing, MI 48909

Fax: 517-335-9434

Trauma Staff:

Eileen Worden, State Trauma Manager 517-643-2296 
Jennifer Strayer, Administrative Assistant 517-335-0045
Tammy First, Verification/Designation Coordinator       517-614-3424
Jill Jean, State Trauma Registry Administrator 517-614-2454
Theresa Jenkins, Region 1 Trauma Coordinator    517-243-8507  
Doug Burke, Region 2N Trauma Coordinator 517-614-7381
Denise Kapnick, Region 2S Trauma Coordinator 517-897-4102
Aaron Brown, Region 3 Trauma Coordinator 517-897-1360
Cheryl Moore, Region 5 Trauma Coordinator 517-897-3334
Helen Berghoef, Region 6 Trauma Coordinator 517-897-5371
Deb Detro-Fisher, Region 7 Trauma Coordinator 517-243-8872
Lyn Nelson, Region 8 Trauma Coordinator 517-285-3849

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