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Child & Adult Provider Payments

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) is the direct deposit of State of Michigan payments into a provider's bank account. This replaces a paper warrant. By signing up for EFT payments, you payment details will also be available for you to view online.



If you are an eligible provider listed below, you may be eligible for EFT payments:

  • Child Development and Care (CDC) 


  • Children Foster Care (includes foster family homes, child placing agencies, child care institutions and relative providers)


  • Adult Foster Care


  • Home for the Aged 

Enrolling for EFT for the above programs may effect payments received from other State of Michigan agencies/departments. If the program operated by the other State agency has the provision for EFT payments and the same Tax ID Number is used, those payments also will be directly deposited into the bank account designated for the Tax ID Number.


 Payment Notification

A statement of payments will be mailed to you each time payment is issued. If you wish, you will also be able to look at your payment details for EFT payments on the Internet at the SIGMA Self Service Website When you sign up (see instructions below) you will be able to give your e-mail address if you want to be notified that way when payments are made.


 Will I get my payments sooner through EFT?

That depends on how long the mail normally takes to get checks to you from Lansing. EFT could be earlier or later than when you get your checks now. If you have a schedule indicating "Tentative Check Dates" for the paper warrant, your EFT should be in your bank account around the same time. Even if the EFT is a day later, EFT may still be better for you because you will not have to take your checks to the bank to deposit them. 

Terms You May Need To Know Before Registering For EFT

  • Payee: Any person or business receiving payment from the State of Michigan is a "payee". If your business is a  provider caring for DHS-funded children, or a provider caring for MDHHS customers, you or your business is already a "payee" of the State of Michigan.

  • Vendor Registration: CDC, Adult Foster Care, Children's Foster Care and Home for the Aged providers are considered "vendors" for the purpose of EFT.

  • SIGMA Self Service: The website that must be accessed to sign up for EFT go to

Questions You May Be Asked By SIGMA Vendor Self Service While Signing Up To Receive EFT Payments 

  • What type of payee are you?
    • A foster family home or an unlicensed provider is considered an individual payee. 
    • A child placing agency or a child care institution is considered a business payee.


  • If an individual, are you a State of Michigan employee? The answer is 'No'.


  • If a business payee, what type of business are you? The answer is 'direct human services' because there are no categories for 'personal care services' or 'child care'.


Signing Up for EFT

Go to to sign up 


If you have problems registering, call the Department of Technology, Management and Budget,  Office of Financial Management at 1-888-734-9749.

Receiving EFT Payments 

You can expect direct deposit of your child care payment two to three weeks after the Department of Management and Budget receives your "State of Michigan Electronic Funds Transfer (Direct Deposit) Authorization for Vendor Payments" form. You should find that having your payments deposited directly into your bank account is both convenient and will save you valuable time.

Thank you for your continued efforts to provide quality child care to low-income families.