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Advancing Healthy Births

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Advancing Healthy Births

An Equity Plan for Michigan Families & Communities  

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) is proud to release the 2024-2028, Advancing Healthy Births - An Equity Plan for Michigan Families & Communities. Continuing to strive towards the strategic vision of Zero preventable deaths and Zero health disparities, Michigan's plan focuses on sustainable actions and multifaceted approaches to improve outcomes for birthing people and their infants. 

While Michigan has seen many successes in perinatal and birthing outcomes, disparities still exist, some have better health than others due to unfair and avoidable differences in opportunities and resources. Black and Indigenous pregnant and postpartum individuals and their infants experience preventable deaths at higher rates than their white counterparts. Barriers to care persist for Black women and birthing people from marginalized communities, regardless of income, education, and/or socioeconomic status. Disparities are symptoms of systemic inequities, social biases, racism, and discrimination, underscoring the need for multifaceted approaches to achieve health equity.

However, inspired by the voices of people across our state, Michigan has taken steps to address the root causes of inequities and pursue systemic changes. Many of these actions have taken place because of the Mother Infant Health & Equity Improvement Plan (2020 – 2023)

To achieve the collective vision, and promote further alignment of statewide programs and strategies, the Advancing Healthy Births plan will focus on four Priority Areas, rooted in equity: 


The advancement of birth equity requires a nuanced and multi-pronged approach. Simple solutions cannot effectively address long-standing public health and societal challenges rooted in inequities. Across Michigan, all partners in birth equity can employ recommendations and actions in the Advancing Healthy Births plan. Alignment and collaboration ensure we all work toward the same goal, resulting in collective impact. 

Read the Advancing Healthy Births Plan for Michigan Families & Communities here.


Michigan families and communities were consulted as content experts for this document. Their lived experiences, thoughtful insights, and creative ideas are key to improving health in our state. Only in listening to Michigan families as experts on their lives and their communities will our goal of zero preventable deaths and zero health disparities be achieved – an equitable Michigan that all birthing people deserve.


Town Hall Meeting with community members in Region 10