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Michigan children and families have great potential, and everyone can help them reach it. The ways to support the success of our children and families are infinite. Send us an email at to get involved!

Here are a few ways community and business partners can get involved.

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Small Businesses, Corporations and Community Organizations
When you support schools in your community, you're taking an active role in improving the future economic viability in your community and state. Through donations of time, funding and resources, your business or organization can boost the performance of individual students and expand the capacity of your schools to create 21st century learning environments.

These are just a few ways businesses and other entities have helped with Pathways to Potential:

  • McDonald's in Detroit donated incentives and funded new blazers.
  • Dollars from state correctional facilities across Michigan, through Prisoner Benefit Funds, funded school uniforms.
  • Floridian Partners, LLC., made a donation for the printing of public relations/marketing materials.
  • W.K. Kellogg Foundation granted $1.05 million to complete a three-year evaluation of Pathways.
  • A local church near Bagley Elementary in Detroit hosted a school supply drive.
  • At Eisenhower Elementary in Flint, the community provided new carpet and paint for the school.

Other donations have been received from West Jet, United Way, Little Caesars Pizza and Meijer.

Faith-based Organizations
With deep and long-standing ties to their communities, faith-based organizations are some of the most important partners for Pathways to Potential schools. We believe everyone has a role to play in the academic success of our children, including our faith-based organizations. With the support and involvement of faith-based institutions, we can ensure that every child is equipped with the basic essentials that enhance their chances for success.

We are asking faith-based organizations across the state to partner with us by adopting a Pathways school, so that we, together, can create a pathway to potential for all of our students.

Individuals, Parents and Community Members

Our children and families can benefit from your time, resources and talents! The following are just a few ways you can support the success of children and families in your community:

  • Volunteer to tutor or mentor a student or family.
  • Assist high school students in post-secondary planning, financial aid paperwork and college research.
  • Assist in coordinating fun, school-based events like pizza parties that reward great attendance.
  • Organize a book or school supply drive.
  • Assist a success coach in finding goods that fill gaps in needs (e.g., winter coats, boots, career clothing for parents, hygiene items and school supplies).
  • Meet with school staff to discuss volunteer projects that could improve the school facility.
  • Volunteer to host an after-school class or series of workshops.
  • Join Big Brothers/Big Sisters or other mentoring organizations so that children can have life mentors as well as academic mentors.