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Healthy hints for pregnant women, smart moves when feeding your baby or toddler.


Nutrition Education on the Internet


    It's fun, convenient and easy to use. Learn more about childhood feeding issues and healthy meals and snacks. Ask your local WIC agency if this can count as a nutrition education session.

Healthy Hints

  • Healthy Hints for Pregnant Women

    Give your baby a great start in life. What you eat, the amount of weight you gain and the healthy things you do during your pregnancy can help your baby for its entire life. Your energy and nutrient needs are certainly greater when you are pregnant, but being pregnant does not mean you have to eat twice as much. Most pregnant women only need about 300 extra calories daily

Smart Moves

  • Smart Moves When Feeding Your Baby

    Whether you chose to feed your baby breast milk or formula, know that you are giving them the best nutrition they can have to grow and develop.

  • Feeding Your Toddler

    During the toddler period, your child will continue to develop his or her sense of autonomy. At times, young children may refuse to eat certain foods or get "stuck" on a specific food. This is only a phase and even a way of asserting themselves. As long as your child does not refuse all foods of the same food group, it will be ok.

Helpful Tips for Using Your Fresh Fruit & Veggie Benefits

    • Check out Health eKitchen.  Use your wichealth login and choose from 1000s of recipes!
    • Search Dr. Yum by "WIC Food Package" for your new favorite veggie recipe!
    • Find Michigan grown fruits and veggie recipes at Harvest of the Month or Michigan Fresh.
    • These MSUE handouts can help you brush up on kitchen skills:
    • MSUE's Michigan Fresh website is full of information on how to make foods last longer, taking your child to the store or market, and making recipes for specific fruits or vegetables.
    • The American Heart Association offers a Grocery Guide in English and  Spanish which contains tips for budgeting, planning menus, and shopping wisely, including fresh, frozen, and canned fruits and vegetables.