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Regional Detention Support Services

Regional Detention Support Services (RDSS) is a program that provides transportation, home detention monitoring, holdover site monitoring, and alternatives to jail for juvenile offenders. RDSS reimburses volunteers for expenses and provides a stipend for assisting with the RDSS program.

Eligible Jurisdictions:
Eligible jurisdictions include the 61 rural county courts and American Indian Tribal jurisdictions that do not have secure detention facilities in Michigan.

Contact info:
Phone 517-335-6144
Fax 517-241-9773

RDSS County Resources:
RDSS Handbook
Guidelines and procedures for using different components of RDSS, including home detention, electronic monitoring, holdover and transportation.

GPS Tether Violation Alert Definitions

Tether Technician Resources:

DHS-779, RDSS Physical Inventory Count
RDSS Physical Inventory Count must be used on a monthly basis by RDSS tether technicians to report the status of tether equipment.

DHS-780, RDSS Technician Daily Log

DHS-1050-RDC, RDSS Voucher Instructions

Schedule of Travel Rates for Classified and Unclassified Employees
This link provides a quick reference on the costs allowed for mileage, meals and lodging, whether in a select city or otherwise. The only exception to these rates would be if the contract with a county specifies a rate less than the allowable state rate.

Standard Travel Regulations
This link provides the standardized travel regulations and the hours of travel required for being able to bill for breakfast, lunch or dinner (item 6.3 on page 6). Also addresses the need to include receipts for parking, tolls, lodging, etc.