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Working for Weatherization

Contractors in your area and across Michigan are looking for installers and inspectors to work on improving local housing and to improve energy efficiency for Michigan families. Most local Weatherization operators work with mechanical and insulation contractors to complete the retrofits on homes in their service area.

Contractors working in the program receive all the training that is required by the Department of Energy for free. Working with a contractor for a local weatherization provider ensures

  • access to free training,
  • year-round income, and
  • benefits to the local community.

Group of weatherization workers air sealing props outside

Group of weatherization workers air sealing props outside

The Weatherization Assistance Program provides energy conservation and related health & safety services for eligible low-income households at no cost to the resident.  Energy conservation and energy usage reduction is the foundation of the Weatherization Assistance Program and is an increasingly vital component of many trades. Becoming part of the solution to environmental concerns is a highly desirable career option.

To find out how to get involved and receive free training in the Weatherization Assistance Program, please complete this Interest Survey and email to