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Communicable Disease Information and Resources

Current Issues & Updates


Communicable Disease Reporting in Michigan


Communicable Diseases (A-Z)
Alphabetical listing of communicable diseases that includes case definitions and the most recent versions of specific guidance documents.
CD Resources & Forms
Links to general communicable disease related forms, guidelines and other resources from MDHHS, CDC, FDA and more.
COVID-19 CI and CT Links
Includes links to Contact Tracing & Case Investigation strategies, realignment updates, memos, TraceForce guidance, and national resources.
CD Internet Links
Includes communicable disease web links from areas within MDHHS, MDARD and other Michigan agencies. Also includes CDC, WHO and other world health links.
Reports & Publications
Links to articles and reports that are published by MDHHS as well as peer-reviewed articles written by our communicable disease staff.
About Us
Information about the MDHHS Communicable Disease Division and the Communicable Disease Resource and Information Page, including information on how to contact us.