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Formula Information for WIC Clients

Starting March 1, Michigan WIC will offer only Similac brand formulas. 

Similac Advance, Similac Sensitive, Similac Total Comfort, and Similac Soy Isomil are making their way back on to store shelves. Stores are now able to order and have in stock.

You will need to choose one of the following Similac brand formulas if your WIC Shopping List and store receipts show:


Click the image below to expand it.

 Step 1 Formula Options Chart

Note: Abbott is no longer making Similac for Spit Up. The Michigan WIC Program will continue to offer Enfamil AR for clients with medical documentation after February 2023. Please call your health care provider should your infant need Enfamil AR. 

Similac Infant Formula Concentrate (Conc) Options:

  • Similac Advance 
  • Similac Soy Isomil

Similac Infant Formula Ready-to-Feed (RTF)* Options:

  • Similac Advance
  • Similac Sensitive
  • Similac Soy Isomil

*RTF formula is provided when special conditions are met. 

Commonly asked questions about returning to Similac. 

Tips for Finding Formula 

  • Use the Similac Store Locator to find formula. Note: Not all stores are WIC-approved. To find a WIC-approved store, click here.
  • Search the website of a WIC store or pharmacy to check their supply.
  • If you cannot find your formula at the store, be sure to check with a store employee. Sometimes extra formula is placed behind a counter in another location, or they may be able to tell you when their next shipment is expected. 
  • Check smaller stores and drugstores. They may not be out of stock when the bigger stores are.  
  • If you are still unable to find formula, contact your local WIC clinic. 
  • Reminder:  
    • Do not feed your baby homemade formula. This is unsafe and will not meet your baby’s nutrient needs.  Click here to learn more about the dangers of homemade baby formula.
    • Do not ‘water down’ infant formula to stretch it further. This should never be done. Adding extra water to formula can dilute levels of protein and minerals, and lead to low sodium levels in the blood and other electrolyte disorders that may require hospitalization. For formula mixing instructions, click here.
    • Do not feed your baby cow’s milk, goat’s milk, or plant-based milk until they are at least one year of age, as these milks lack nutrients and can cause digestive issues.

Get Help

If you have questions or are concerned about feeding your baby, contact your health care provider or local WIC Clinic for help.