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Michigan Developmental Disabilities Council

The Michigan Developmental Disabilities Council works to change service systems to be more responsive to the needs, wants, and desires of people with developmental disabilities. We help people create better lives for themselves by challenging the status quo.

DD Council worker

Position on Inclusion

It is the position of the Michigan Developmental Disabilities Council that disability is a part of the human experience. People with disabilities have specific rights as well as responsibilities. Disability is an ongoing factor in people's lives, occurring at any age, on a temporary or permanent basis. 

Fundamental concepts regarding the rights of individuals with disabilities, indeed for all individuals, include, self-determination and choice-making; independent living; and the opportunity to be fully included in the social, educational, political, economic and cultural mainstream of society.

People with disabilities and their families are capable and creative. They must have key decision-making roles in policies, programs, and services that affect their lives.

Our challenge is to ensure that true choices exist and barriers to full inclusion are eliminated.

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About Us

Learn more about the DD Council including how to get involved and apply for membership.

Employment First in Michigan

Information and Resources for people with developmental disabilities, family members and professionals on how to help people with developmental disabilities obtain competitive integrated employment.

Empowerment Fund

Financial support to people with a developmental disability (DD) and family members to attend conferences, seminars, and training to build capacity to participate in decisions that impact their lives. 

Supported Decision Making

Information and Resources for people with developmental disabilities, family members, and professionals on how to support people with DD to in making the choices they need and want while keeping their rights.  

Peer Mentoring

A Medicaid covered service option for people with developmental disabilities. Peer Mentors utilize their personal experiences and training to support others  in bringing about the changing they want for their lives.

Grants Program

Grants are one tool the council uses to change services and alter the way supports are provided. Find information about applying for DD Council grants and open notices of funds available.

Public Policy

Advocacy with and for people with developmental disabilities to achieve policy, law, or systems change in order to improve the lives of people with developmental disabilities,

Self-Advocates of Michigan (SAM)

SAM is a statewide self-advocacy organization that advocates for independence, inclusion, freedom, opportunity, respect, and dignity, while making the public aware of abilities of people developmental disabilities throughout Michigan. 


DD Council state plan and educational materials on a broad spectrum of issues that affect people with developmental disabilities.

FY 2022 DD Council Calendar

Dates and times for DD Council meetings and committee meetings. Council meetings are open to the public.  

Contact Us

For more information about the Michigan Developmental Disabilities Council and our work to influence the lives of those with developmental disabilities, please feel free to contact us.