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Fostering Mental Health

Youth being counseled

Fostering Mental Health for Children and Youth

Children in foster care may be at greater risk for mental health problems, as most have experienced some form of abuse or neglect or suffer from being separated from their families. These children need access to the latest mental health information and resources, and so do their parents, guardians, foster parents, and foster care and health care professionals. Here you will find answers to the top questions about physical health, mental health, and psychotropic medications, with a particular focus on the needs of children in the foster care system.

To help you search, we've separated these questions by audience.


Families and Caregivers

Information about mental health services will help you make sure your child is receiving the best care possible.

Children & Youth Experiencing Foster Care

You have the right to know about your mental health care. It's important to be informed about issues that affect your health.

Child Welfare Professionals

To integrate health and mental health and case practice, child welfare professionals need the latest in training on mental health screening, assessment and treatment, including psychotropic medications, psychotherapy approaches and community supports.

Health Care Professionals

Health care professionals play a key role helping foster children and their parents across Michigan receive high quality care.

Fostering Health Partnerships

Easy access to information and tools needed to provide health and mental health services to children in foster care.