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Maternal Child Health Epidemiology Section

Mission Statement: The Maternal and Child Health Epidemiology Section provides scientific support and guidance to Maternal and Child Health programs to facilitate the data-driven, informed decision-making needed to protect, promote, and preserve the health of Michigan's children and families.

Vision Statement:  The Maternal and Child Health Epidemiology Section will provide responsive and timely data collection, analysis, and translation to public health practitioners, while maintaining a contextual understanding of how Epidemiologic methods can contribute to innovative and preventative solutions to future MCH challenges.

MCH Epi Section Team Values:

  1. Quality Work
  2. Integrity
  3. Active Partnerships
  4. MCH Leadership
  5. Timeliness
  6. Responsiveness/Good Communication

Priority Areas: Click on the links below to access data and epidemiologic findings for selected areas of Maternal Child Health Epidemiology, as well as a description of each area's epidemiologist.

Birth Defects/ Early Hearing Detection and Intervention

Newborn Screening

Michigan Maternal Mortality Surveillance Program

Family Planning

Michigan Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System

For more information or to request a different format for any of the publications on this page, please contact: Chris Fussman (MCH Epidemiology Section Manager).

Section Wide Projects:  

Maternal and Infant Health Statistics by Prosperity Region


Preconception Health
Preconception Health: Nutrition and Physical Activity - 2020
Preconception Health: Reproductive Health and Family Planning - 2021

Perinatal Periods of Risk (PPOR)
Michigan Feto-Infant Mortality Rate, 2015-2019 (Perinatal Periods of Risk Phases 1 and 2)

Michigan Feto-Infant Mortality Rate, 2014-2018 (Perinatal Periods of Risk Phase 1)
Michigan Feto-Infant Mortality Rate, 2018 (Perinatal Periods of Risk Phase 2)

Michigan Feto-Infant Mortality Rate, 2013-2017 (Perinatal Periods of Risk Phase 1)
Michigan Feto-Infant Mortality Rate, 2017 (Perinatal Periods of Risk Phase 2)

Please visit the CityMatCH website for more information regarding the PPOR process and how it can be used at the local level.

Infant Health
Effect of Interpregnancy Interval on Perinatal Outcomes in Michigan, 2008-2018
Infant Health Statistics, Michigan, 2018

Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome
Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome, Michigan, 2010-2020
Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome, Michigan, 2010-2018
Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome Length of Stay, Michigan, 2010-2015
Burden of Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome in Michigan

Adolescent Sexual Health
Michigan Sexual Health Dashboard - 2019
Detroit Sexual Health Dashboard - 2019

Teen Pregnancy
Teen Pregnancy and Live Birth in Michigan - 2019
Teen Pregnancy and Live Birth in Michigan - 2018
Teen Pregnancy in Michigan - 2017
Teen Pregnancy in Michigan - 2016
Teen Pregnancy in Michigan - 2015
Teen Pregnancy in Detroit - 2015

Adverse Childhood Experiences
Adverse Childhood Experiences in Michigan, 2011-2012 Fact Sheet

Children with Special Health Care Needs (CSHCS)
Michigan Data Brief 2007 

Home Visiting
Maternal Infant Health Program-Return on Investment

Infant Mortality
Stillbirth Rate and Perinatal Mortality Rate, Michigan, 2010-2018
Applying Kitagawa Decomposition Methods to Elucidate Contributors to Trend Changes of Preterm Birth Rates in Michigan, 2008-2014 vs. 2014-2016
A Spatial Cluster Analysis of Average Preterm Birth Rates and Low Birthweight Rates, Michigan, 2012-2016
A Spatial Cluster Analysis of Average Infant Mortality Rates, Michigan, 2012-2016
Maps of Average Infant Mortality Rates, Michigan, 2012-2016
Michigan Infant Health, 2015
Michigan Stillbirth Rate, 2015
Infant Mortality Socio-Economic Trends, 2008-2010
Infant Mortality in Michigan

Maternal Health
Maternal and infant outcomes among women enrolled in MI Medicaid, 2008-2013

MCH Databook
MCH Data book 2000-2009 
MCH Data book 1996-2005 

MichiganPerinatal Survey
2005 Michigan Perinatal Survey Report 

States Monitoring Assisted Reproductive Technology (SMART) Collaborative
Michigan's Surveillance Plan, FY 2010-2012 
Michigan Assisted Reproductive Technology Summit

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