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Seeking Weatherization Services

The Weatherization Assistance Program provides energy conservation and related health & safety services for eligible low-income households at no cost to the resident. An application for the program requires you to submit proof of household income, proof of home ownership or landlord permission, and information about your utility companies. A copy of your most recent electric and gas bill helps to determine how much energy your home consumes, and how much of your income is spent maintaining these monthly costs.

The Weatherization Assistance Program can only make improvements to a home that would make it more energy efficient. It is not designed as a repair or rehab program. No one service is guaranteed in Weatherization, but examples of some of the services are:

  • Home Energy Audit
  • Weather-stripping, caulking, general air sealing
  • Attic, foundation, wall, or sill box insulation
  • Programmable thermostat installation
  • Furnace or water heater tune-up or replacement
  • Refrigerator replacement

Weatherization worker installing wall insulation

Weatherization worker installing wall insulation

Important things to know:

Homeowners and renters who meet household income guidelines are eligible for these services. A home must be occupied by the applicant, and cannot be for sale, in foreclosure, or undergoing remodeling during the time of inspection. A home is eligible if it has not received services from the Weatherization Assistance Program in the last 15 years and does not require repairs outside of the scope of Weatherization. Some screening questions may help your local Weatherization provider determine if your home is in a Weatherization ready condition. If this is in question, the initial Home Energy Audit will determine if the home passes and is in a condition to be Weatherized.

To find out if you are eligible for energy efficiency upgrades, contact your local Community Action Agency.