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Pathways to Potential

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Pathways to Potential

Vision: Students and families in Michigan are connected to a network of support, empowering them to pursue a pathway to their fullest potential.

Mission: Integrate Success Coaches in schools to collaborate with stakeholders and leverage state and community services to break down barriers, promote equity and provide families with pathways to their fullest potential.

Pathways to Potential strives to work closely with families, schools, and communities to ensure that children stay on track in school and life. Data-informed decision-making is key to keeping kids in school at grade level, addressing Social Determinants of Health, and ensuring positive outcomes for students and families. The Pathways to Potential strategic priorities include:

Focusing on Social Determinants of Health: Addressing barriers related to health, mental health, safety, housing and homelessness, food insecurity, hygiene, employment, transportation, and clothing.

Keeping Kids in School and at Grade Level: Addressing chronic absenteeism, grade repeats, graduation rates, and school discipline.

Using Data to Inform Strategic Decisions: Using data to improve the program and promote positive outcomes for students and families.