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Healthy Michigan Plan

The Healthy Michigan Plan (HMP) is a category of eligibility authorized under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and Michigan Public Act 107 of 2013 began April 1, 2014. The benefit design of the Healthy Michigan Plan ensures beneficiary access to quality health care, encourages utilization of high-value services, and promotes adoption of healthy behaviors.

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Program Changes

On March 4, 2020, a federal judge ruled that approval of the HMP work requirements was unlawful. It is MDHHS’ responsibility to follow the federal judge’s ruling. This ruling stopped MDHHS’ implementation and enforcement of the work rules.

This means HMP participants are no longer required to report work, school or other activities to maintain HMP health care coverage. This change is effective immediately.

MDHHS is notifying individuals of the change online, by mail, and by phone. MDHHS will mail letters (B 20-04) to active HMP beneficiaries throughout the month of March 2020. It is possible work requirements could be restarted because of a future court decision. MDHHS will notify stakeholders if this happens. 

Health plans, providers, and other community partners who may be utilizing HMP work requirements-related materials that were previously issued by MDHHS should remove these documents from circulation.

  • Beneficiaries with questions should contact the Beneficiary Help Line at 1-800-642-3195 (TTY: 1-866-501-5656).
  • Providers and community partners with questions can email

Click here for more information on work requirements.

Program Changes

Healthy Michigan Plan Enrollment Statistics

Beneficiaries with Healthy Michigan Plan Coverage: 915,360
(Includes beneficiaries enrolled in health plans and beneficiaries not required to enroll in a health plan.)

*Statistics as of December 5, 2023
*Updated every Monday at 3 p.m.

This page contains Healthy Michigan Plan Health Plan enrollment figures by county for the current and previous months for each of the Health Plans.

Healthy Michigan Plan Health Plan Enrollment