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Virtual Baby Fair On-Demand

Welcome to the Virtual Baby Fair On-Demand! There are a total of 11 participating programs that offer vital health and safety information for parents. These programs aim to provide support not only during the pregnancy and childbirth process but also for new parents as they navigate their journey beyond that stage. To further enhance the information provided in the on-demand videos, there is a Virtual Baby Fair Resource Packet. This packet is available to all participants and serves as an additional source of information and resources.

Becoming a parent is life changing and it comes with a multitude of questions and information. Expectant parents want to prepare as much as possible to give their baby the best start to life. The baby fair is a great opportunity for parents to do just that.

It offers a wealth of knowledge on essential aspects of caring for the baby such as available resources for guidance and support, and crucial health and safety information for both the birthing person and the baby.

Participants will learn about screenings the baby will receive at the hospital, essential immunizations, safe feeding practices, oral health, safe sleep, identification of potential environmental hazards that could pose a threat to the baby or the expectant parent, proper usage of car seats to ensure the baby's safety, and measures to safeguard their home against potential hazards. These are just a few examples of what parents can expect learn about at the baby fair.

Baby Fair Resource

Virtual Baby Fair On-Demand

Newborn Screening


Infant Safe Sleep

Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)

Unintentional Injury Prevention

Oral Health Program

Environmental Health Program


Michigan Home Visiting Collective

Birth Defects Education and Outreach

Breastfeeding Support