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Migrant Resource Councils

Migrant Resource Councils (MRC) improve the quality of life of migrant and seasonal farmworkers and their families. They accomplish this mission by providing a forum for local coordination and cooperation on matters related to the wellbeing of farmworkers within their service area. Members are public and private agency representatives, growers, farmworkers, and concerned citizens. The MRCs meet monthly at during the peak season with the purpose of:

  • Exchanging information on services to farmworkers.
  • Reducing duplication of services.
  • Identifying unmet needs of farmworkers and their families.
  • Establishing referral networks.
  • Coordinating service delivery.

Our Office of Migrant Affairs oversees the MRCs and provides logistical support. There is a network of nine regional councils throughout the state, spanning 51 counties. Each MRC releases a MRC Agency Resource Guide which lists local farmworker service providers within the MRCs’ service area. They are updated on a regular basis and MRC members distribute them to their clients. The following is a list of the nine regional councils with a link to their MRC Facebook page:

Annual MRC Activities (vary by Council)

  • Farmworker Appreciation Event
  • Pre-Season / Post-Season Conference
  • Grower Meeting
  • Resource Packet/Donation Distributions

For more information, contact 1-833-742-9832 or

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