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Doula Initiative

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Department of Health and Human Services

Doula Initiative

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A doula is a trained birth professional who helps families have safe, healthy and positive birth experiences. Doulas provide non-clinical emotional, physical, and informational support to pregnant people and their families before, during, and after birth. 

Doula services have been shown to positively impact the social determinants of health, support birth equity, and decrease existing health and racial disparities.


Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) Doula Initiative

Michigan Medicaid coverage of doula services is published in the bulletin Medicaid Coverage of Doulas (MMP 22-47) and the Medicaid Provider Manual.

The MDHHS Doula Initiative supports a broader statewide goal of reducing infant and maternal mortality and addressing birth inequities by:

  • Increasing and supporting the doula network in Michigan
  • Providing technical assistance for Medicaid doula providers
  • Engaging with doulas, families and partners to prioritize and expand doula service access

Please contact the MDHHS Doula Initiative with questions, concerns or inquiries at

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MDHHS Doula Initiative Updates

“Doula Words of Wisdom” Video Series 
Are you a newly-trained doula or thinking about becoming one? Consider watching this 12-minute video series with Arnetta Ford (seasoned Michigan birth and postpartum doula) and Melisa Scott (certified nurse-midwife at Michigan Medicine) discussing some basic realities of the doula role: Region 9 Perinatal Quality Collaborative - Doula Words of Wisdom.

Doula Provider FAQ
The MDHHS Doula Initiative collected questions commonly asked by doulas across the state and compiled responses in a Doula Provider Frequently Asked Questions Guidance document. 

New Doula Trainings Added to MDHHS Approved List (Updated)
The Doula Advisory Council working collaboratively with MDHHS, has approved additional doula training programs. There are now 26 approved trainings providing greater access to doula services statewide.


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Review the MDHHS Doula Registry application and steps to enroll as a Medicaid Provider.  

Become a Medicaid Enrolled Doula
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Search the MDHHS Doula Registry and connect with doulas serving your area. 

MDHHS Doula Registry
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Learn how the council helps inform the advancement of doula services in Michigan. 

Doula Advisory Council
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Find resources for Michigan doulas including Medicaid billing guidance and trainings.

Resources for Doulas