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Child Welfare Licensing

Our mission is to ensure protection to children who are receiving care from licensed agencies and facilities by enforcing rules and laws such as the Child Care Organizations Act (1973 PA 116).

Licensing Enforcement

The Division of Child Welfare Licensing conducts onsite inspections to determine compliance with state law and licensing rules, provides technical assistance and consultation  to improve the quality of service and investigates complaints alleging violations of licensing rules or law.

The following child welfare agencies and facilities are required by law to be licensed: Child caring institutions, child placing agencies, and juvenile court-operated facilities.

The Division of Child Welfare Licensing is also responsible for ensuring regulated agencies and facilities follow state law and licensing rules. If the violations are not corrected and state law and licensing rules continue to be violated, the department may take a variety of disciplinary actions against the agency or facility. The most serious is the summary suspension and closure or revocation of the license.

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