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Water Assistance Program

Program Overview

Water assistance programs provide bill payment for eligible low-income residents who have financial burden, water and/or wastewater arrears and disconnects. and in some cases, minor plumbing repair.

Households can receive up to $3,000 in bill assistance per fiscal year, and up to $9,000 in metered plumbing repairs total per address.

Funding is administered through MDHHS to Community Action Agencies and other non-profit entities until September 30, 2027 unless funding is depleted prior to that date.

Allowable Services

Assistance to households may include:

  • Restoring residential water and/or wastewater service,
  • Paying down water bills in arrears
  • Assistance to help prevent arrears
  • Supporting reasonable water and/or wastewater affordability plans based on household’s ability to pay
  • *Plumbing repairs for metered services only (funding cannot be used for well and septic repair or replacement)

*Plumbing repairs are not available statewide at this time.  Please contact if your county is not currently covered by services.


Qualified water bill account holders must:

  • Be a residential account.
  • Be connected to metered water or wastewater services
  • Be under 200% Federal Poverty Level and/or actively receiving Family Independence Program/Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (FIP/TANF), Food Assistance Program/Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (FAP/SNAP), State Emergency Relief (SER), Social Security Supplemental Income (SSI), Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP).

Provider Participation

To be eligible for payment, providers must complete a LIHWAP Participation Agreement before receiving payments on behalf of eligible customers. The agreement is valid for the duration of the program. A LIHWAP payment shall guarantee service for at least 90 days after receipt of payment. Participation is voluntary for water and wastewater providers. CAAs will work with water and wastewater providers to implement the program and engage in outreach to residents.

How to Apply

Please use the dashboards below for contact information and program data for the organization administering these programs in your county.  If your county is not listed, please contact or 2-1-1.