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Policy & Compliance

Juvenile Justice Policy Manuals

The Juvenile Justice Field Policy Manual guides the Juvenile Justice Specialist (JJS) through case management of delinquent youth. The JJS is responsible for a ward's case from the acceptance date until the ward's discharge regardless of the placement. The JJS ensures all Department and legal requirements are met and that effective communication and collaboration is maintained with all parties involved in the youth's treatment.

The Juvenile Justice Residential Policy Manual guides State run or private, contracted juvenile justice residential treatment facility case managers through case management of a delinquent youth. State run or private, contracted juvenile justice residential case managers are responsible for a youth's case management from the acceptance date until the youth's release from the facility.

For information on:

Michigan Statewide Automated Child Welfare Information System (MiSACWIS), go to MiSACWIS Training.

For forms required for private, contracted juvenile justice treatment facilities, go to Contractor Resource Foster Care Forms.
Current contracts, go to Contractor Resource, Contracts by County.
For child welfare training institute job aids, go to Job Aids.

Michigan Juvenile Justice Assessment System (MJJAS), also known as the Ohio Youth Assessment System© (OYAS) Michigan Juvenile Justice Assessment System FY 23 Report with FY 24 Training Schedule